भगवान दास (मूल नाम : Kermit Michael Riggs ; जन्म 17 मई, 1945) एक अमेरिकी योगी हैं जिन्होने भारत, नेपाल और श्री लंका में ६ वर्ष बिताए। वे एक गायक एवं शिक्षक हैं।

कृतियाँसंपादित करें

पुस्तकेंसंपादित करें

संगीतसंपादित करें

  • AH, 1972
  • Love Serve Remember, 1973, a 6-disc Ram Dass set, one disc of music and song.
  • Swaha, Bhagavan Das and Amazing Grace (Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Ram Dass et al.)
  • Bhagavan Das - Kailash Kirtan (Starchild Productions)
  • Bhagavan Das - Harbin Kirtan (Starchild Productions)
  • Bhagavan Das - Kumari Puja (Starchild Productions)
  • The Sunset Kirtan Concert - Volumes One, Two & Three (recorded live, NYC)
  • Now (Produced by Mike D. of the Beastie Boys)
  • Natural Blues (Remixed by Mike D. for Moby)
  • Mt. Vision - Journey to the Inner Temple (with Jay Yarnall)
  • Holy Ghost Sessions (with Richard Sales)
  • Kali Puja Live 1&2 (with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal et al.)
  • Churning the Night Sea, 2007
  • Love Songs to the Dark Lord, 2009
  • The Howler at Dawn, 2009
  • Mother Light, 2014

रेडियो नाटकसंपादित करें

विडियोसंपादित करें

  • Eclipse Puja (with Jay Yarnall)
  • What is Yoga? (with David Life, Sharon Ganon, and Willem Dafoe)
  • In Search of the Divine (3 Part TV/Video Series from "A Better World' with Mitchell Jay Rabin)
  • Woodstock Now featuring Bhagavan Das (VHS video, directed by Meil J. Colligan), Ganesha Films, 2002
  • Karmageddon (directed by Jeff Brown and Paul Hemrend), 2012

साक्षात्कार और व्याख्यानसंपादित करें

  • In the Spirit, 1975 (with Lex Hixon)
  • Global Voices Radio, 1994 (with Paul Nelson)
  • Shakti, The Breath and the Word, 1994 Dharmaware (Lecture Recorded Live, Woodstock NY)
  • New Realities 1996 Manhattan Neighborhood Network (with Alan Steinfeld)
  • Live with Swami Virato, 2005, Virato Radio (with Swami Virato)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole, 2006, Concordia Foundation (with Paula Gloria)
  • Nardwuar Radio, 2006, 101.9 CITR FM (with Nardwaur)