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Hi, You can use Twinkle for easy Actions.Regards--[[User:Mayur|<font face="Rage Italic" size="4.5" style="color:#000000;color:#FF4500"><i>Ma</i></font><font face="Rage Italic" size="5" style="color:#000000;color:#008000"><i>yur</i></font>]] <sup><span style="font-family:Italic;color:black">[[user_talk:Mayur|(talk]]•[[special:EmailUser/mayur|Email)]]</span></sup> १७:३१, १९ जून २०११ (UTC)
:Hello. Thanks. I use both Twinkle or a [[सदस्य:Ruy Pugliesi/vector.js|global script]] written by [[:m:User:Hoo man|Hoo man]], in the situations which the first one tends to generate a broken link or template here. [[File:Face-smile.svg|20px]] [[User:Ruy Pugliesi|<span title="Ruy Pugliesi"><font face="Arial Rounded MT Bold">Ruy Pugliesi</font></span>]]<sup>[[User talk:Ruy Pugliesi|<span title="Talk">&#9701;</span>]]</sup> १७:३७, १९ जून २०११ (UTC)