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In response to your comment on my talk page.
:Checkout [[:en:Wikipedia:Template substitution]] --[[सदस्य:Spundun|स्पंदन (Spundun)]] 23:52, १९ जनवरी २००६ (UTC)
:Response to your second comment:
::Use the subst keyword to substitute the template like this <nowiki>{{subst:स्वागत}}</nowiki>. By the way, I think its a bad idea to have any red links in the welcome template... thats confusing... just put links to articles that have already been created... add links as you create new help articles. --[[सदस्य:Spundun|स्पंदन (Spundun)]] 18:26, २० जनवरी २००६ (UTC)
==[[विकिपीडिया:गाँव का पम्प]]==
There already exists a page for wikipedia-wide discussions.. which is the mirror of [[:en:Wikipedia:Village Pump]], I have redirected your page to there. --[[सदस्य:Spundun|स्पंदन (Spundun)]] 18:26, २० जनवरी २००६ (UTC)
May I suggest that you start with creating the above mentioned Introduction pages for hindi wikipedia? I think they are very well designed ans look very professional. I have started that effort on gu: wikipedia at [[:gu:વિકિપીડિયા:સ્વાગત]]. And then create pages that are linked from that, e.g. I think a page on NPOV policy is important. Just in case you thought you dont have enough things to do. :) --[[सदस्य:Spundun|स्पंदन (Spundun)]] 18:26, २० जनवरी २००६ (UTC)