"सोनी पिक्चर्स इंटरटेंन्मेंट": अवतरणों में अंतर

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{{Infobox Company
| company_name = सोनी पिक्चर्स इंटरटेंन्मेंट, इंक.
| company_logo = [[File:Sony Pictures logo.svgpng|100px]]
| caption = Monochrome Sony Pictures logo
| company_type = [[Subsidiaryसोनी]] ofकी [[Sony]]सह कंपनी<ref name="Sony Corporation of America Operations">[http://www.sony.com/SCA/outline/corporation.shtml Outline of Principal Operations, Sony Corporation of America]</ref>
| foundation = 1987 as Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc.,<ref name="BusinessWeek Private Company Information">[http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=691780 Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.: Private Company Information] BusinessWeek</ref> renamed Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. on August 7, 1991
| location = 10202 West Washington Blvd., [[Culver City, California]], [[United States]]