"साँचा:अनेक समस्याएँ" के अवतरणों में अंतर

fix in-universe showing up everywhere
(fix or, disputed, synthesis, weasel, notability, globalize, tone, essay, advert, travelguide, context, confusing, dead end, in universe; remove params for non-existant templates criticisms, gameguide, technical, fiction)
छो (fix in-universe showing up everywhere)
-->{{Multiple issues/message
| name = {{{in-universe|{{{काल्पनिक परिप्रेक्ष्य|}}}}}}
| message = * It describes a '''work or element of fiction''' in a primarily '''[[Wikipedia:Manual of Style (writing about fiction)|in-universe]]''' style that may require [[Wikipedia:Cleanup|cleanup]].
| cat = सभी लेख जिनमें तथ्य और कल्पना में विच्छेद करने की आवश्यकता है<!--