"विकिपीडिया:बॉट/अनुमोदन हेतु अनुरोध" के अवतरणों में अंतर

Support since this is standard bot work and the demo edits seem to be ok. Since this qualifies for automatic approval, I think if noone objects in a week you should feel free to ask a steward to grant a local bot flag.--[[User:Siddhartha Ghai|सिद्धार्थ घई]] ([[User talk:Siddhartha Ghai|वार्ता]]) 16:03, 11 अप्रैल 2012 (UTC)
== [[User:MerlIwBot|MerlIwBot]] ==
* Operator : [[:de:User:Merlissimo]]
* Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
* Programming Language(s) : Java (own framework)
* Function Summary : Fixing interwiki (and maybe double redirects in future)
* Already has a bot flag (Y/N) : Yes, my bot is allowed to run on all wikis related to wikipedia langlink family (this includes commons, incubator and wikispecies) by either local or global flag: [[:sulutil:MerlIwBot]]
* Function Details : I extended my java framework to solve interwiki problems that cannot be handled by the pywikipediabot. It is designed to work in addition to pwd bots and can safely work in all namespaces.
Until now my bot run on this wiki using its global bot flag. But [[user:Siddhartha Ghai|Siddhartha Ghai]] asked me on my home wiki user talk page [//de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Benutzer_Diskussion:Merlissimo&diff=next&oldid=103120866] to make an additional local bot flag request. Are there any concerns i can remedy? [[User:Merlissimo|Merlissimo]] ([[User talk:Merlissimo|वार्ता]]) 16:18, 13 मई 2012 (UTC)
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