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टैग: Non Hindi Contributions
After returning from Boston she received a call to participate in the Femina Miss India pageant to which her parents had sent her photographs without her knowledge. She turned out the first runner-up in the pageant. Incidentally all the three Miss India personalities of the pageant went on to win their respective titles for the year - Miss India Lara Dutta became Miss Universe 2000 and second runner-up Diya Mirza became Miss Asia-Pacific 2000. This was the first time the three titles of an year went to the same country.
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Result: Nominated
Award: Zee Cine
"I have no interest in live-in relationships. I really think marriage binds people together both socially and emotionally and that I think is what is best. I am sure I won't change my views in future too.
When asked for her opinion on one night stands:
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