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==बाहरी कड़ियाँ==
* [http://www.holyebooks.org/authors/aesops/fables_rev/aesop_fables_rev.html Aesop's Fables with illustration by Harrison Weir, John Tenniel, Ernest Griset] at HolyeBooks.org
* [http://www.holyebooks.org/authors/aesops/fables/aesops_fables.html Aesop's Fables by V. S. Vernon Jones] at HolyeBooks.org
* [http://www.outofprintlibrary.com/stacks/index.php?title=Aesop%27s_Fables Aesop's Fables at the Out Of Print Library] Searchable
* [http://aesop.planetnull.com Aesop's Fables Illustrated] Simple, elegant illustrations to the Fables
* [http://www.aesopfables.com AesopFables.com] Large collection of fables, but many fables are not Aesopic
* [http://www.aesopica.net Aesopica.net] Over 600 English fables, with Latin and Greek texts also; searchable
* [http://aesop.creighton.edu/jcupub/default.htm Carlson Fable Collection at Creighton University]
* [http://librivox.org/aesops-fables-menu/ Free audiobook] of [[Aesop's Fables]] from [http://librivox.org LibriVox]
* [http://www.lefavole.org/en/esopo.htm The Fables] Site primarily for children
* {{gutenberg author|id=Aesop|name=Aesop}}
* [http://worldoftales.com/fables/Aesop_fables.html The Fables of Aesop] List of Aesop fables
* [http://aesopus.pbworks.com/Vita-Aesopi Vita Aesopi] online resources for the ''Life of Aesop''
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