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== बाहरी कड़ियाँ ==
* [http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,4850223,00.html बर्लिन दीवार से सम्बन्धित इतिहास]
* [http://www.websauger.eu/ Information Berlin Wall and East-Berlin] (जर्मन में)
* [http://www.die-berliner-mauer.de/en/index.html Retracing the Berlin Wall]
* [http://www.berliner-mauer-dokumentationszentrum.de/ Bernauer Straße Memorial website]
* [http://www.theberlinobserver.com/1stBG18thinf.html Reports on reinforcements to Berlin Brigade]
* [http://www.jfklibrary.org/jfk_berlin_crisis_speech.html JFK speech clarifying limits of American protection]
* [http://home.att.net/~rw.rynerson/index2.htm "Berlin 1969" includes sections on Helmstedt-Berlin rail operations.]
* [http://home.att.net/~rails_to_berlin/home.htm Includes articles on rail transport for Berlin during the Cold War. (large files)]
* [http://www.restless-soul.co.uk/berlin1.htm Berlin 1983: Berlin and the Wall in the early 1980s]
* [http://www.berlin-life.com/berlin/wall Berlin Life: A concise but thorough history of the wall]
* [http://www.berlinwall.itgo.com Berlin Wall: Past and Present]