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|indef=This page is [[Wikipedia:This page is protected|protected]] from editing ''indefinitely''
|office=This {{pagetype|subjectspace=yes}} is currently [[Wikipedia:This page is protected|protected]] from editing
|pending=Latest edits to this {{pagetype|subjectspace=yes}} by [[Wikipedia:User access levels#Autoconfirmed_users|new]] or [[Wikipedia:User access levels#Anonymous_users|unregistered]] users [[Wikipedia:Pending changes|may be delayed]] before being made public (''<span style="font-weight:normal">[[Help:Pending changes|what's this?]]?</span>'')
|pending2=Edits to this {{pagetype|subjectspace=yes}} by non-[[Wikipedia:Reviewers#Who checks articles and what do they check|reviewers]] may be [[Wikipedia:Pending changes|delayed]] before being made public
|create=[[Help:Starting a new page|Recreation]] of this {{pagetype|subjectspace=yes}} [[Wikipedia:This page is protected|has been disabled]]
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