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HiीHi Deeptrivia,
[[:Template:स्वागत]] is great but it seems an overkill to include that in each user's talk page. Too much content. You should move it to Wikipedia namespace and post a link to it on the talk pages. Checkout [[:User:Spundun/wel]], thats the template I have been using. Also it might be a good idea to do a <nowiki>{{subst:<template name>}}</nowiki>
[[सदस्य:Magicalsaumy|Magicalsaumy (Cygnus — हंस)]] २३:३४, ५ जून २००६ (UTC)
भदानी --[[सदस्य:Bhadani|Bhadani]] १४:०५, ५ जुलाई २००६ (UTC)