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==China Garden==
Wang branched out from his job at the CCI in 1983 to start his own restaurant, the China Garden.<ref name="DNA"/> His restaurant gained popularity among Mumbai's elite, and won various awards proclaiming it "India's best restaurant".<ref name="Rediff"/> He and his son Eddie would go on to open several restaurants in various parts of India, including [[Delhi]], [[Hyderabad, India|Hyderabad]], [[Bangalore]], [[Pune]], and [[Goa]].<ref name="CNNGo"/> The China Garden ran into trouble in 1999, when a court ordered him to shut it down for violating Coastal Regulation Zone rules about building floor area, in a case that took more than fourteen years. His building was located more than half a kilometre inland, as compared to other businesses such as the Natraj Hotel on [[Marine Drive, Mumbai|Marine Drive]] which also allegedly violated regulations but were left untouched; a [[Rediff]] columnist criticised the ruling as making "no sense".<ref name="Rediff"/><ref>{{citation|title=Today's special at China Garden: High Drama|url=http://www.indianexpress.com/ie/daily/19990805/ige05046.html|date=1999-08-05|accessdate=2010-04-21|periodical=Indian Express}}</ref> However, China Garden reopened at the [[Crossroads Mall (Mumbai)|Crossroads Mall]] in August 2000.<ref>{{citation|url=http://rediff.com/travel/evff.htm |periodical=Rediff|title=China Garden's new avtar|date=2000-09-29|accessdate=2010-04-21 |archiveurl = http://web.archive.org/web/20000929045040/http://rediff.com/travel/evff.htm |archivedate = 2000-09-29}}</ref> It has now{{when|date=November 2010}} moved back to the original location at Kemps Corner.{{Citation needed|date=November 2010}}