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[[File:Fort Dansborg.JPG|thumb|leftright|160px|Fort Dansborg at [[Tranquebar]] was established in 1620.]]
{{Colonial India}}
The success of Dutch and English traders in the seventeenth century spice trade was a source of envy amongst Danish merchants, however Dutch control over the [[East Indies]] was seen as impregnable. It took the arrival of the Dutch adventurer Marcelis de Boshouwer in 1618 to provide the impetus for Danish involvement in the Indian sub-continent. Initially however, this was not the intention. Marcelis arrived as an envoy for the emperor of [[Ceylon]], Cenerat Adassin, seeking military assistance against the Portuguese and promising a monopoly on all trade with the island. His appeal had been rejected by his countrymen, but it convinced [[Christian IV]], the King of Denmark-Norway, who issued a charter in 1616 granting the [[Danish East India Company]] a monopoly on trade between Denmark and Asia for twelve years.