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Now more than 3,000 articles tagged
(updated inclusion)
(Now more than 3,000 articles tagged)
To add additional value for the reader, the identifiers are linked to the corresponding entries in the online databases of the Virtual International Authority File, the German National Library and the contents of the Libary of Congress' authority records hosted by the Online Computer Library Center. These links are expected to change when better tools become available that use these identifiers to present the readers with access to online catalogues and other sources of information about the article's subject.
The inclusion of such data was pioneered by the [[German Wikipedia]] at the request of the library community. As of May 2011, the German Wikipedia had over 159,000 articles tagged with "[[:de:Vorlage:Normdaten|Normdaten]]", the English Wikipedia has aboutmore 1than 3,900000 articles tagged with {{t|Authority control}} at the moment.
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