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| surface_grav = 0.038–0.050 मीटर/सेकंड<ref name=Thomas2010/>
| escape_velocity = ~0.10 की.मी./सेकंड
| sidereal_day = 0.386&nbsp;75 दिन (9 घ. 16 मिन. 55.2 सेक.) <ref>Seidelmann, P. K.; Abalakin, V. K.; Bursa, M.; Davies, M. E.; de Bergh, C.; Lieske, J. H.; Oberst, J.; Simon, J. L.; Standish, E. M.; Stooke, P.; and Thomas, P. C.[http://www.hnsky.org/iau-iag.htm ''Report of the IAU/IAG Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements of the Planets and Satellites: 2000'']</ref>
| axial_tilt = 152.14° <ref>{{cite journal |author=Porco CC, et al., |url=http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/sci;307/5713/1237 |title=Cassini Imaging Science: Initial Results on Phoebe and Iapetus |journal=Science |volume=307 |date=2005-02-25 |pages=1237–1242 |doi=10.1126/science.1107981 |issue=5713 |pmid=15731440|bibcode = 2005Sci...307.1237P }}</ref><!---
http://exp.arc.nasa.gov/downloads/celestia/data/solarsys.ssc quotes 17.4°, but that predates Cassini and the source has been known to be wrong on other things.
According to http://www.hnsky.org/iau-iag.htm, the north pole of Phoebe is at R.A. 355.00°, dec. 68.70° (note that this also precedes Cassini!).