"सिद्धान्त शिरोमणि" के अवतरणों में अंतर

विराम चिह्न की स्थिति सुधारी।
छो (बॉट से अल्पविराम (,) की स्थिति ठीक की।)
छो (विराम चिह्न की स्थिति सुधारी।)
Leelavati had asked this question hundreds of years ago to her father, Bhaskaracharya. In reply, Bhaskaracharya said, “O daughter, Leelavati! Those people who say that the earth is resting on the sheshnaag (cobra snake), the tortoise or elephant or any other thing, are wrong. If we accept that it is based on something, then the question that arises is, that thing rests on which thing? Thus, the reason and its reason…if this sequence continues, then it is known as a state of uncondition in jurisprudence.” Leelavati still insisted on asking the question. Then, Bhaskaracharya said, “Why can we not accept that the earth is not based on anything? What is wrong in saying that the earth is standing on its own strength and call it its power of retention?” At this Leelavati asked how it was possible? Then, Bhaskaracharya speaks of principles and says that the power of things is very peculiar.
: मरुच्चलो भूरचला स्वभावतो ।स्वभावतो।
: यतो विचित्राः खलु वस्तुशक्तयः ॥
वे पुनः कहते हैं-
:आकृष्टिशक्तिश्च महि तय यत् ।यत्।
:खष्ठं गुरु स्वभिमुखं स्वशक्त्या ॥
:आकृष्यते तत्पततीव भाति ।भाति।
:समेसमन्तात् क्व पतत्वियं खे ॥
Bhaskaracharya says that what we see is not always the truth. He says that if you draw a large circle and look at only a hundredth part of its circumference, then it will appear to be a straight line; but actually it is not so. It is curved. Similarly, we see only a small part of the sphere of this huge earth. Hence, it seems flat to us. In reality, the earth-is round.
:समो यत: स्यात्परिधेह शतान्श:
:पृथी च पृथ्वी नितरां तनीयान् ॥
:नरश्च तत्पृष्ठगतस्य कृत्स्ना ।कृत्स्ना।
:समेव तस्य प्रतिभात्यत: सा ॥