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आंशिक लिप्यंतरण।
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| owner = स्वातंत्र<br /><small>(1912–1966)</small><br />[[Gulf+Western]]<br /><small>(1966–1989, renamed Paramount Communications, which continued to own the studio until 1994)</small><br />[[Viacom]]<br /><small>(1994–present1994–वर्तमान)</small><ref>During this period, two companies named Viacom have owned Paramount. The original [[Viacom (1971-2005)|Viacom]] owned the studio until 2006, when the new Viacom (spun off from the old one, which was renamed [[CBS Corporation]]) assumed ownership of Paramount, along with [[MTV Networks]] and [[BET Networks]].</ref>
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