"इम्फाल": अवतरणों में अंतर

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बॉट: लाघव चिह्न (॰) का प्रयोग।
छो (बॉट: अंगराग परिवर्तन)
छो (बॉट: लाघव चिह्न (॰) का प्रयोग।)
== बीष्नुपुर ==
यह इंफ़ाल से २७ कि.मी.कि॰मी॰ दूर है।
<!--Bishnupur: - Bishnupur is 27 kms away from Imphal City on Tiddim Road. Here stands the conical temple of lord Vishnu built in 1467 during the region of King Kyamba. It is interesting because of its antiquity and architectural design which was influenced by Chinese style. Bishnupur I also known for its stoneware production. The bustling district headquaters is popular for hill-grown oranges, yongchak (tree-bean) and vegetables. Shoibum (fermented bamboo-shoot) scents the air around the town market.