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* {{cite book|last=Sundquist|first=Eric|coauthors=[[Wallace S. Broecker|Broecker]], Wallace S.(editors)|title=The Carbon Cycle and Atmospheric CO<sub>2</sub>: Natural variations Archean to Present|publisher=American Geophysical Union|series=Geophysical Monographs Series|number=32|location=|year=1985|isbn=}}
== बाहरी कड़ियाँ ==
== बाह्य लिंक ==
* [http://www.carboncyclescience.gov/ Carbon Cycle Science Program ] - एक अंतरएजेंसी भागीदारी.
* [http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/ccgg/index.html NOAA's Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases Group]