"भट्टिकाव्य" के अवतरणों में अंतर

49 बैट्स् जोड़े गए ,  6 वर्ष पहले
छो (हलान्त शब्द की पारम्परिक वर्तनी को आधुनिक वर्तनी से बदला।)
* [http://www.claysanskritlibrary.org Official page] of the [[Clay Sanskrit Library]], publisher of classical Indian literature with facing-page texts and translations. Also offers numerous downloadable materials.
* [http://sanskritdocuments.org Sanskrit Documents Collection]: Documents in ITX format of Upanishads, Stotras etc, and a metasite with links to translations, dictionaries, tutorials, tools and other Sanskrit resources.
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