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{{Infobox French commune
|name = पेरिस
|commune status = [[Communes of France|Commune]] and [[Departments of France|department]]
|image = {{Photomontage |border=0 |size=275 |spacing=2 |color=none |photo1a=Seine and Eiffel Tower from Tour Saint Jacques 2013-08.JPG{{!}}link=Eiffel Tower |photo2a=Arc Triomphe (square).jpg{{!}}link=Arc de Triomphe |photo2b=Cathedrale ND Paris (square).JPG{{!}}link=Notre Dame de Paris |photo3a=Louvre Museum Wikimedia Commons.jpg{{!}}link=Louvre }}
|caption =Clockwise from top: skyline of Paris on the [[Seine|River Seine]] with the [[Eiffel Tower]], [[Arc de Triomphe]], [[Notre Dame de Paris]], and the Pyramid of the [[Louvre]] – clickable image
|image flag = Flag of Paris.svg
|image flag size = x95px
|image coat of arms = Insigne Lutetiae coronatum.svg
|image coat of arms size = x95px
|flag legend = [[Flag of Paris|City flag]]
|coat of arms legend = [[Coat of arms of Paris|City coat of arms]]
|city motto = ''[[Fluctuat nec mergitur]]''<br /> "Tossed but not sunk"
|latitude = 48.8567
|longitude = 2.3508
|time zone = [[Central European Time|CET]] <small>(UTC +1)</small>
|region = [[Île-de-France]]
|département= Paris (75)
|mayor = [[Anne Hidalgo]]
|party = [[Socialist Party (France)|PS]]
|term = {{nowrap|2014–present}}
|subdivisions entry = [[Administrative division|Subdivisions]]
|subdivisions = [[Arrondissements of Paris|20 arrondissements]]
|area km2 = 105.4
|area footnotes = (2010)<ref name="area">[http://www.statistiques-locales.insee.fr/Fiches%5CRS%5CDEP%5C75%5CCOM%5CRS_COM75056.pdf INSEE local statistics], including [[Bois de Boulogne]] and [[Bois de Vincennes]].</ref>
|postal code=75001-75020, 75116
|population = 2,240,621
|total type = City
|population date = Jan.&nbsp;2012
|population ranking = [[List of communes in France with over 20,000 inhabitants (1999 census)|1st in France]]
|urban area km2 = 2844.8
|urban area date =
|urban pop = 10,550,350
|urban pop date =
|metro area km2 = 17174.4
|metro area date =
|metro area pop = 12,405,426 [http://www.insee.fr/fr/themes/tableau.asp?reg_id=0&ref_id=nattef01203]
|metro area pop date = 2013
|population_demonym=Parisian&nbsp;([[English language|en]])<br />parisien(ne)&nbsp;([[French language|fr]])
|website = [http://www.paris.fr/ www.paris.fr]
'''पेरिस''' ([[फ़्रांसीसी भाषा|फ़्रांसीसी]]: ''Paris'', फ़्रांसिसी उच्चारण : ''पारी'') [[फ़्रांस]] का सबसे बड़ा नगर और उसकी राजधानी है। यही नहीं, इसे दुनिया के सबसे सुन्दर नगरों में से एक और दुनिया की फ़ैशन और ग्लैमर राजधानी माना जाता है। यहीं पर दुनिया की सबसे प्रसिद्ध अट्टालिका [[आइफ़िल टावर]] (फ़्रांसिसी: [[:fr:Tour Eiffel|''Tour Eiffel'']] तूर एफ़ील) स्थित है।