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बॉट: वर्तनी एकरूपता।
छो (बॉट: वर्तनी एकरूपता।)
छो (बॉट: वर्तनी एकरूपता।)
|name = पेरिस
|commune status = [[Communes of France|Commune]] and [[Departments of France|department]]
|image = {{Photomontage |border=0 |size=275 |spacing=2 |color=none |photo1a=Seine and Eiffel Tower from Tour Saint Jacques 2013-08.JPG{{!}}link=Eiffel Tower |photo2a=Arc Triomphe (square).jpg{{!}}link=Arc de Triomphe |photo2b=Cathedrale ND Paris (square).JPG{{!}}link=Notre Dame de Paris |photo3a=Louvre Museum Wikimedia Commons.jpg{{!}}link=Louvre }}
|caption =Clockwise from top: skyline of Paris on the [[Seine|River Seine]] with the [[Eiffel Tower]], [[Arc de Triomphe]], [[Notre Dame de Paris]], and the Pyramid of the [[Louvre]] – clickable image
|image flag = Flag of Paris.svg