"मॉन्टेनीग्रो": अवतरणों में अंतर

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छो (बॉट: वर्तनी एकरूपता।)
छो (replace image)
|conventional_long_name = मॉन्टेनीग्रो
|common_name = मॉन्टेनीग्रो
|demonym = मॉन्टेनीग्रिनMontenegrin
|image_flag = Flag of Montenegro.svg
|image_coat = Coat of arms of Montenegro.svg
|national_anthem = ''[[Oj, svijetla majska zoro]]''<small><br />[[मॉन्टेनीग्रिन भाषा|सीरिलिक]] : Ој, свијетла мајска зоро<br />''"Oh, Bright Dawn of May"''</small>
|official_languages = '''[[सीरिलिक|मॉन्टेनीग्रिन]] '''<!-- STOP! DO NOT CHANGE THE LANGUAGE WITHOUT REACHING CONSENSUS ON THE TALK PAGE -->
|capital = [[चित्र:GrbPodgorica Podgorice2Coat of Arms.png|24px]] [[पोडगोरिका]]<sup>1</sup>
|latd=42 |latm=47 |latNS=N |longd=19 |longm=28 |longEW=E
|largest_city = capital
|time_zone_DST = [[Central European Summer Time|CEST]]
|utc_offset_DST = +2
|demonym = Montenegrin
|drives_on = right
|cctld = [[.me]] ([[.yu]])<sup>3</sup>