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'''वदिवुकारसी''' ({{lang-en|'''Vadivukkarasi'''}}एक भारतीय फिल्म और टेलीविजन धारावाहिक अभिनेत्री है। ये मुख्य रूप से [[कन्नड़]], [[तमिल]], [[तेलुगु]] और [[मलयालम]] फिल्मों और धारावाहिकों में कार्य किया है।है।इन्होंने is३५० anसे Indianज्यादा filmफिल्मों andऔर television१० actress.धारावाहिकों Sheमें hasभी actedकाम in more than 350 films and 10 television serials in [[Tamil language|Tamil]], [[Telugu language|Telugu]], [[Kannada]] and [[Malayalam language|Malayalam]].किया।<ref>{{cite news | url=http://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/money-and-careers/article66492.ece | title=Grill Mill-Vadivukkarasi | work=[[The Hindu]] | date=17 December 2009 | accessdate=19 October 2016 | author=S. R. Ashok Kumar}}</ref><ref>http://www.cinesouth.com/masala/appo/14062006.shtml</ref> During her career, she has played various characters, playing lead, supporting as well as antagonistic roles. Notable director [[A. P. Nagarajan]] is her maternal uncle. She was named after Nagarajan's film ''Vadivukku Valaikappu'', which was released on the same days as she was born.<ref>{{cite web | url=http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-tamilnadu/i-prefer-to-be-in-films-says-vadivukkarrasii/article3137897.ece | title=I prefer to be in films, says Vadivukkarrasii | work=The Hindu | date=25 May 2006 | accessdate=19 October 2016}}</ref>
She got married to a business man in 1986 and the couple has a daughter, Padma Priya. They divorced in 1992.