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| about me = I was born in the hilly village of [[:en:Panchkhal|Panchkhal]] [[:en:Kavrepalanchok District|Kavrepallanchok]], [[:en:Nepal|Nepal]], and currently lives in [[काठमाण्डु:en:Kathmandu|Kathmandu]]. I'm aam contributormostly atactive Wikipediaon (Mostly[[w:ne:मुख्य पृष्ठ|Nepali Wiki)Wikipedia]] and active on several other Wikimedia projects since 2010. Besides from online activities, andI sysopam andalso bureaucratactive atin NepaliWikimedia Wikipediaoffline activities for Wikimedians of Nepal User group.
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* I'm working as a volunteer contributor at wikipedia since 2010.In English Wikipedia, I'm improving and creating articles related to [[Nepal]] in enwiki. In, I'm contributing as a sysop and bureaucrat. My global contributions on Wikimedia project can be found via [[:Special:CentralAuth/Nirmal Dulal|CentralAuth]]..
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* On my Nepali Wikipedia '''[[:ne:User:Nirmal Dulal|Nirmal Dulal]]''' and '''[[:ne:user talk:Nirmal Dulal|Talk Page]]'''
* Twitter: [!/Nirmal98511NirmalDulal Nirmal Dulal]
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* Facebook: [ Nirmal Dulal]
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