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{{Hdeity infobox| <!--Wikipedia:WikiProject Hindu mythology-->
| Namename = गणेश
| Imageimage = Ganesha Basohli miniature circa 1730 Dubost p73.jpg
| Captioncaption = [[बशोली]] लघु चित्रकारी, 1730 ईसवी, [[राष्ट्रीय संग्रहालय, नई दिल्ली|राष्ट्रीय संग्रहालय]], [[नई दिल्ली]], [[भारत]].<ref>"Ganesha getting ready to throw his lotus. Basohli miniature, circa 1730. National Museum, New Delhi. In the {{IAST|Mudgalapurāṇa}} (VII, 70), in order to kill the demon of egotism ({{IAST|Mamāsura}}) who had attacked him, {{IAST|Gaṇeśa Vighnarāja}} throws his lotus at him. Unable to bear the fragrance of the divine flower, the demon surrenders to {{IAST|Gaṇeśa}}." For quotation of description of the work, see: Martin-Dubost (1997), p. 73.</ref>
| alt = Attired in an orange dhoti, an elephant-headed man sits on a large lotus. His body is red in colour and he wears various golden necklaces and bracelets and a snake around his neck. On the three points of his crown, budding lotuses have been fixed. He holds in his two right hands the rosary (lower hand) and a cup filled with three modakas (round yellow sweets), a fourth modaka held by the curving trunk is just about to be tasted. In his two left hands, he holds a lotus above and an axe below, with its handle leaning against his shoulder.
| Devanagaridevanagari = {{lang|sa|गणेश}}
| Affiliationaffiliation = हिन्दु देवता
| Sanskrit_Transliteration =
| Mantramantra = ॐ गं गणपतये नमः
| Tamil_script =
| Weaponweapon = परशु,<ref name = "parasu">See:
| Affiliation = हिन्दु देवता
| Mantra = ॐ गं गणपतये नमः
| Weapon = परशु,<ref name = "parasu">See:
* For the paraśu (axe) as a weapon of Ganesha, see: Jansen, p. 40.
* For the ''{{IAST|paraśu}}'' as an attribute of Ganesha, see: Nagar, Appendix I.</ref><br /> पाश,<ref name = "pasa">See:
* For the elephant hook as a weapon of Ganesha, see: Jansen. p. 46.
* For the {{IAST|aṅkuśa}} as an attribute of Ganesha, see: Nagar, Appendix I.</ref>
| Consortconsort = [[रिद्धि]], <br />[[सिद्धि]]
| Mountmount = मूषक
| sibling =[[ कार्तिकेय ]]