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| alt = A group of Finnish soldiers in snowsuits manning a heavy machine gun in a foxhole.
| caption = विन्टर वार के समय एक फ़ीनिश मशिन गन क्रू
| caption = A Finnish machine gun crew during the Winter War
| date = 30 November 1939 – 13 March 1940<br/>({{Age in years, months, weeks and days|month1=11|day1=30|year1=1939|month2=03|day2=13|year2=1940}})
| place = Eastern [[Finland]]
| strength1 = 300,000–340,000 soldiers{{refn|At the beginning of the war, the Finns had 300,000 soldiers. The Finnish army had only 250,028 rifles (total 281,594 firearms), but [[White Guard (Finland)|White Guards]] brought their own rifles (over 114,000 rifles, total 116,800 firearms) to the war. The Finnish Army reached its maximum strength at the beginning of March 1940 with 346,000 soldiers in uniform.<ref name="Palo1999_299-300">[[#Palo1999|Palokangas (1999)]], pp. 299–300</ref><ref name="JK2005_83">[[#Juuti&Koski2005|Juutilainen & Koskimaa (2005)]], p. 83</ref>|group="F"}}<br/>32 tanks{{refn|From 1919 onwards, the Finns possessed 32 French [[Renault FT]] tanks and few lighter tanks. These were unsuitable for the war and they were subsequently used as fixed [[Bunker#Pillbox|pillboxes]]. The Finns bought 32 British [[Vickers 6-Ton]] tanks during 1936–39, but without weapons. Weapons were intended to be manufactured and installed in Finland. Only 10 tanks were fit for combat at the beginning of the conflict.<ref name="Palo1999_318">[[#Palo1999|Palokangas (1999)]], p. 318</ref>|group="F"}}<br/>114 aircraft{{refn|On 1 December 1939 the Finns had 114 combat aeroplanes fit for duty and seven aeroplanes for communication and observation purposes. Almost 100 aeroplanes were used for flight training purposes, not suitable for combat, or under repair. In total, the Finns had 173 aircraft and 43 reserve aircraft.<ref name="Peltonen">[[#Peltonen|Peltonen (1999)]]</ref>|group="F"}}
| casualties2 = 126,875–167,976 dead or missing<ref name="Krivo1997_77-78">[[#Krivo1997|Krivosheyev (1997)]], pp. 77–78</ref><ref name="Kilin2007b_91">[[#Kilin2007b|Kilin (2007b)]], p. 91</ref><ref name=autogenerated3>[[#Petrov2013|Petrov (2013)]]</ref><br />188,671–207,538 wounded<ref name="Krivo1997_77-78"/><ref name="Kilin2007b_91" /><br />5,572 [[Soviet prisoners of war in Finland|captured]]<ref name="Manninen1999b_815">[[#Manninen1999b|Manninen (1999b)]], p. 815</ref><br />1,200–3,543 tanks<ref name="Kilin1999">[[#Kilin1999|Kilin (1999)]] p. 381</ref><ref name="Kanta1998_286">[[#Kanta1998|Kantakoski (1998)]], p. 286</ref><ref name="Manninen1999b_810-811">[[#Manninen1999b|Manninen (1999b)]], pp. 810–811</ref><br />261–515 aircraft<ref name="Manninen1999b_810-811"/><ref name="Kilin1999_381">[[#Kilin1999|Kilin (1999)]], p. 381</ref><br/>'''321,000–381,000 total casualties'''
| casualties1 = 25,904 deadमृत orया missingअज्ञात<ref name="Kur&Lent2005">[[#Kur&Lent2005|Kurenmaa and Lentilä (2005)]], p. 1152</ref><br />43,557 woundedआहत<ref name=autogenerated2>[[#Lent&Juuti1999|Lentilä and Juutilainen (1999)]], p. 821</ref><br />800–1,100 [[Finnish्युद्ध prisoners of war in the Soviet Union|captured]]बन्दी<ref name="Malmi1999_792">[[#Malmi1999|Malmi (1999)]], p. 792</ref><br/>20–30 tanks <br/>62 aircraft<ref name="Tillo1993_160"/><br/>'''70,000 totalकुल casualtiesमृत'''
| campaignbox = {{WWIITheatre}} {{Campaignbox Scandinavia in World War II}} {{Campaignbox Finland 1939-1945}} {{Campaignbox Winter War}}