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(Reference Link Updated.)
''Asymetric wheel made of wood with exactly similar and hollow spokes joined to the rim such that they are slightly inclined.
Hollow spokes should be half filled with mercury. Wheel should be supported on the axle to rotate freely. Copper or other metallic Ushaped bent tube, is inverted and filled with water. One end of tube is deeped in water tank andothe r end kept below water level and outside the tank. If both ends are oppened simultaneously then water flows outside the tank through the tube. On the rim attach the vessels, place the whole arrangement of water wheel below the tube. Such that the water flowing through the tube falls into the vessel. Vessel gets filled with water and wheel starts rotating. Water gets poured out of the vessel and is collected in the tank through a channel. Time period of rotation of this wheel is constant as long as water flow is constant. It was used tomeasure the time which was based on revolutions made by the wheel.''<ref>[httphttps://79www.6scribd.136.172com/iftommdocument/proceedings94913034/proceedings_WorldCongress/WorldCongress07/articles/sessions/papers/A112.pdfAstronomical-Instruments-in-Ancient-India Astronomical Instruments In Ancient India] (Shekher Narvekera)</ref>
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