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Hi, this user's contributions [[special:contributions/Sarkarihelp]] and their addition of the domain <code>[[special:linksearch/*.sarkarihelp.com|sarkarihelp.com]]</code> look like conflict of interest at best, and spam at worst. I hope that you are able to review the edits. As a note, identified at [[m:User:COIBot/XWiki/sarkarihelp.com]]. Thanks [[सदस्य:Billinghurst|Billinghurst]] ([[सदस्य वार्ता:Billinghurst|वार्ता]]) 21:45, 17 जनवरी 2019 (UTC)
:{{ping|Billinghurst}} thanks for informing us. I reverted all his edits as well as warned him.--[[सदस्य:Prong$31|<span style= "color:#00FFFF">''Prongs''</span>]][[सदस्य वार्ता:Prong$31|<span style= "color:#00FF00">31</span>]] 03:36, 18 जनवरी 2019 (UTC)