"जॉर्ज द्वितीय, इंगलैंड": अवतरणों में अंतर

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| issue =[[फ्रेडरिक, प्रिंस ऑफ वेल्स]]<br />[[Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange|Anne, Princess Royal, Princess of Orange]]<br />[[Princess Amelia of Great Britain|Princess Amelia]]<br />[[Princess Caroline of Great Britain|Princess Caroline]]<br />[[Prince George William of Great Britain|Prince George William]]<br />[[Prince William, Duke of Cumberland]]<br />[[Princess Mary of Great Britain|Princess Mary, Landgravine of Hesse]]<br />[[Louise of Great Britain|Louise, Queen of Denmark and Norway]]
| house =[[House of Hanover]]
| anthem =[[God Save the King]]
| full name =George Augustus<br />{{lang-de|Georg August}}
| stylestitle =''HM'' The King<br />''HRH'' The Prince of Wales<br />''HRH'' The Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge<br />''HSH'' The Duke of Cambridge<br />''HSH'' The Electoral Prince of Hanover<br />''HSH'' Prince Georg August of Hanover<br />''HH'' Duke Georg August of Brunswick-Lüneburg
| father =[[George I of Great Britain]]
| mother =[[Sophia Dorothea of Celle]]
| date of birthbirth_date ={{birth date|1683|11|10|df=y}}
| place of birthbirth_place =Herrenhausen Palace, [[Hanover]]
| date of deathdeath_date ={{Death date and age|1760|10|25|1683|11|10|df=yes}}
| place of deathdeath_place =[[Kensington Palace]], [[London]]
| date of burialburial_date =11 नवम्बर 1760
| place of burialburial_place =[[Westminster Abbey]], London
'''जॉर्ज द्वितीय''' (जॉर्ज अगस्तस; {{lang-de|Georg II. August}}; १० नवम्बर १६८३<ref>Within this article dates after 14 सितंबर 1752 are in the Gregorian calendar and earlier dates are in the Julian calendar.</ref> – २५ अक्टूबर १७६०) [[यूनाइटेड किंगडम]] का राजा था।