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Aaman kumar द्वारा किये गये 1 सम्पादन पूर्ववत किये। (बर्बरता)। (ट्विंकल)
छो (Aaman kumar द्वारा किये गये 1 सम्पादन पूर्ववत किये। (बर्बरता)। (ट्विंकल))
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Mr. Hirau Ram Dhivar and his wife Mrs. Suraj Bai Dhivar used to live on their own by selling fish from the pond for their livelihood, after some time the head of the family Mr. Hirau Ram Dhivar dies, now the family. The entire responsibility falls on the shoulders of Mrs. Suraj Bai Dhivar, she made her family work the support of Bashar and passed away from house to house selling fish and road to Sama. After selling fish bunji (fish roasted in the fire) on the banks of his family, he somehow spent his life teaching his children and got them married, as time passed, Mrs. Suraj Bai Dheewar's health deteriorated and The doctor told them not to want to rest at home with their growing age, after which the whole responsibility of the family fell on the shoulders of their son Mr. Sohan Dhivar, Jimedari play its full integrity, Mr Sohan Fishman has the task of running the truck's worked Boht your Jivan, but suffered because of an accident to leave the job of driving. After that Mr. Sohan tried his hand at selling fruits but he was also harmed, in the end, at the behest of his mother, Mrs. Suraj Bai Dhiwar, Mr. Sohan decided to run his family business and near Purana Power House Chowk. Started his work along the road. And today, furthering their family work, both the sons of Shri Sohan Dhivar, Raman Dhivar and Aman Dhivar are trying to take their family business to a new dimension.
Today Mr.Dhiwar pvt.Ltd. The working area of ​​the company is only Chhattisgarh state of India, its current ceo Raman Kumar Dhivar says that in the next few years, he will take his company to many states of India and keep it with the people of India, the immense success of Chhattisgarh. After now
Mr.Dhiwar is ready to visit many states of India