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I am interested in seeing searchable Indian Language content on the web. I started the hindi, marathi, gujarati, sanskrit wikipedias and it is good to see that many more wikipedians are contributing in indian languages. I am a contributor to [ Sanskrit docuements website], [ Hindu Puja & Bhajan] pages mirrored/copied at various websites.
Welcome visitor. I am '''Truthoflifewiki''' a.k.a '''Rajat Khanna'''. I am actively involved in creating and editing pages on Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia), Wikitia (The Free Encyclopedia From Verified Editors) for over 8 years.
== Education And Training==
Logging actively into wikipedia after a couple of years. Hoping to contribute again.
I have my Bachelor in Computer Application from I.G.N.O.U. in the year 2008. I am a certified Cisco professional, and a certified Ethical hacker.