"मित्तानी साम्राज्य" के अवतरणों में अंतर

सम्पादन सारांश रहित
==मित्तानी वंशावली==
* [[Kirta]] [[1500s BC|1500 BC]]-[[1490s BC|1490 BC]]
* [[Shuttarna]] I, son of Kirta [[1490s BC|1490 BC]]-[[1470s BC|1470 BC]]
* [[Barattarna]], P/Barat(t)ama [[1470s BC|1470 BC]]-[[1450s BC|1450 BC]]
* [[Parshatatar]], (may be identical with Barattarna) [[1450s BC|1450 BC]]-[[1440s BC|1440 BC]]
* [[Shaushtatar]] (son of Parsha(ta) tar) [[1440s BC|1440 BC]]-[[1410s BC|1410 BC]]
* [[Artatama]] I [[1410s BC|1410 BC]]-[[1400s BC|1400 BC]]
* [[Shuttarna II]] [[1400s BC|1400 BC]]-[[1380s BC|1385 BC]]
* [[Artashumara]] [[1380s BC|1385 BC]]-[[1380s BC|1380 BC]]
* [[Tushratta]] [[1380s BC|1380 BC]]-[[1350s BC|1350 BC]]
* [[Shuttarna]] III [[1350 BC]], son of an usurper [[Artatama]] II
* [[Shattiwaza]] or Mattivaza, son of Tushratta [[1350s BC|1350 BC]]-[[1320s BC|1320 BC]]
* [[Shattuara]] I [[1320s BC|1320 BC]]-[[1300s BC|1300 BC]]
* [[Wasashatta]], son of Shattuara [[1300s BC|1300 BC]]-[[1280s BC|1280 BC]]
* [[Shattuara]] II, son or nephew of Wasashatta [[1280s BC|1280 BC]]-[[1270s BC|1270 BC]], or maybe the same king as Shattuara I.
All dates must be taken with caution since they are worked out only by comparison with the [[Chronology of the Ancient Near East|chronology of other ancient Near Eastern nations]].