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** I don't want to go edit by edit but major issues with your edits were as above, your contributions are welcome but don't make major changes to the content without discussing it on talkpage.
** I would appriciate if you continue your contributions with neutral point of view and proper referencing style. you may have a look at English versions of the articles before editing hiwiki articles, that helps. thanks and regards. [[user:QueerEcofeminist| '''<span style="background color: black; color:#008000">QueerEcofeminist</span>''']]<sup> [[user talk:QueerEcofeminist|<span style="color: maroon">"cite! even if you fight"!!!</span>]]</sup> [they/them/their] 16:56, 27 मई 2020 (UTC)
Dear Mr/Ms QueerEcofeminist, thank you for your reply. I had tried to give the max. info that was available with the books referred on either internet or elsewhere. You may try yourself if it was not so, or if you can find more on the same. However, for a 16th century person on whom a page has been made and some more info. is available abt his works, it is good if it is included. The references are quoted.
May be you can invite Mr. Anunad Singh अनुनाद सिंह or Mr. Sanjeev Kumar संजीव कुमार who have themselves prepared pages of such scholars, to see if the names of books I have now added can be added with the available references.
Hope you will reconsider.
Thanks again.
[[सदस्य:कनाश|कनाश]] ([[सदस्य वार्ता:कनाश|वार्ता]]) 07:10, 28 मई 2020 (UTC)
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