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Warning: Your username might be against policy. (ट्विंकल)
(Warning: Your username might be against policy. (ट्विंकल))
-- [[सदस्य:नया सदस्य सन्देश|नया सदस्य सन्देश]] ([[सदस्य वार्ता:नया सदस्य सन्देश|वार्ता]]) 19:05, 26 फ़रवरी 2021 (UTC)
== मार्च 2021 ==
[[File:Right-pointing hand in green octagon.svg|25px|alt=|link=]] '''[[Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Welcome to Wikipedia|Welcome to Wikipedia]]''' and thank you for [[Special:Contributions/ओमप्रकाश सबरवाल 8000215683|your contributions]]. However, I noticed that your username ''(ओमप्रकाश सबरवाल 8000215683)'' may not meet Wikipedia's [[Wikipedia:Username policy|username policy]]&nbsp;because नाम में मोबाईल नंबर का इस्तेमाल. If you believe that your username does not violate our policy, please leave a note here explaining why. As an alternative, you may ask for a [[Special:GlobalRenameRequest|change of username]], or you may simply create a new account and use that for editing. ''[[https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:GlobalRenameRequest]] यहां जाकर आप अपना नाम बदलवा सकतें है, धन्यवाद''<!-- THE FOLLOWING CATEGORY SHOULD BE REMOVED WHEN THE USER IS BLOCKED, OR IT IS DECIDED THE NAME DOES NOT APPEAR TO VIOLATE POLICY, OR THIS TEMPLATE HAS BEEN IN PLACE FOR A WHILE WITH NO ACTION: --> {{#ifeq:{{PAGENAME}}|ओमप्रकाश सबरवाल 8000215683|[[Category:Wikipedian usernames editors have expressed concern over|ओमप्रकाश सबरवाल 8000215683]]}} <!-- Template:uw-username --> [[User:QueerEcofeminist|<span style="color:#FF00FF;">'''Queer'''</span><span style="color:#8DB600;">'''Eco'''</span><span style="color:#FF7E00;">'''feminist'''</span>]] [they/them/their] 10:35, 2 मार्च 2021 (UTC)