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→‎Link spam: नया अनुभाग
(→‎Link spam: नया अनुभाग)
-- [[सदस्य:नया सदस्य सन्देश|नया सदस्य सन्देश]] ([[सदस्य वार्ता:नया सदस्य सन्देश|वार्ता]]) 17:39, 27 अगस्त 2021 (UTC)
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Please stop the addition of shayari-quotes.com. It would appear that you have a specific interest in that domain, and you should look at local help pages about external links, reliable sources, and conflict of interest. Thanks. [[सदस्य:Billinghurst|Billinghurst]] ([[सदस्य वार्ता:Billinghurst|वार्ता]]) 07:04, 29 अगस्त 2021 (UTC)