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Image:Space Shuttle Endeavour landing.jpg|[[एंडेवर अंतरिक्ष शटल|''एंडेवर'']] टच डाउन पर ब्रेकशूट
Image:Sts mprof.jpg|STS [[Space mission|mission]] profile
[[File:Space Shuttle Orbiter-Illustration.jpg|thumb|300px|Space Shuttle orbiter illustration]]
[[File:Plánik orbitera 2.JPG|thumb|300px|Space Shuttle drawing]]
[[File:Shuttle Left Wing Cutaway Diagram.jpg|thumb|Space Shuttle wing cutaway]]
[[Image:Atlantis on Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.jpg|thumb|[[Space Shuttle Atlantis|Space Shuttle ''Atlantis'']] transported by a [[Boeing 747]] [[Shuttle Carrier Aircraft]] (SCA), 1998 (NASA).]]
[[Image:Space Shuttle Transit.jpg|thumb|[[Space Shuttle Endeavour|Space Shuttle ''Endeavour'']] being transported by a [[Boeing 747]].]]
[[Image:Space Shuttle vs Soyuz TM - to scale drawing.png|thumb|Space Shuttle Orbiter and [[Soyuz-TM]] (drawn to scale).]]
[[Image:STS-79 rollout.jpg|right|thumb|An overhead view of ''Atlantis'' as it sits atop the [[Mobile Launcher Platform]] (MLP) before [[STS-79]]. Two Tail Service Masts (TSMs) to either side of the orbiter's tail provide umbilical connections for propellant loading and electrical power.]]
[[Image:MainSPStest.jpg|thumb|right|[[Water]] is released onto the mobile launcher platform on [[Launch Pad 39A]] at the start of a rare sound suppression system test in 2004. During launch, 300,000 US [[gallon]]s (1,100 m³) are poured onto the pad in only 41 seconds.]]
[[Image:Space shuttles Atlantis (STS-125) and Endeavour (STS-400) on launch pads.jpg|thumb|200px|upright|Two Space Shuttles sit at launch pads. This particular occasion is due to the final Hubble servicing mission, where the International Space Station is unreachable, necessitating having a Shuttle on standby for a possible rescue mission.]]