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==Abt bot==
Hi there, thanks for the advice. I am currently running the year creation bot. It creates articles faster than the city bots. I had run the city code once (as a test) and had received very positive response. The people also suggested me of certain modifications. I am about to have my semester exams, so I will modify and run the script once the exams are over (in mid-April most probably). I am very sorry for the delay. I hope its not very inconvenient. Dhanyawaad.--[[सदस्य:युकेश|युकेश]] १७:२५, ९ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
== Thanks ==
Namaste Deeptrivia, thank you very much for the welcome! I am <tt>User:Arjun01</tt> on "en.wikipedia" and as of right now I am very limited in Hindi but I am learning. Cheers and thanks again! [[सदस्य:Arjun01|Arjun01]] ०२:३६, १३ मार्च २००७ (UTC)