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| death_place = [[Copenhagen]], [[डेनमार्क]]
| nationality = Danish
| field = [[Physicsभौतिकी]]
| alma_mater = [[University of Copenhagen]]
| workplaces = [[University of Copenhagen]]<br /> [[University of Cambridge]] <br /> [[University of Manchester]]
| influences = [[Ernest Rutherford]]
| influenced = [[Werner Heisenberg]]<br />[[Wolfgang Pauli]]<br />[[Paul Dirac]]<br />[[Lise Meitner]]<br />[[Max Delbrück]]<br />and many others
| awards = {{nowrap|[[Nobelभौतिकी Prizeमें inनोबेल Physicsपुरस्कार]] (1922)<br>[[The Franklin Institute Awards|Franklin Medal]] (1929) }}
| signature = Niels Bohr Signature.svg
| footnotes = [[Harald Bohr]] is his younger brother, and [[Aage Bohr]] is his son.