श्रेणी वार्ता:जंबुद्वीप

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Jambudvipa means India, and not Asia, and the usage in Hindi Wikipedia for it to stand for Asia is wrong. See below:

In the Puranic conception, the earth's continents are arranged in the form of a lotus flower. Mt. Meru stands at the center of the world, the pericarp or seed-vessel of the flower, as it were, surrounded by circular ranges of mountains. Around Mt. Meru, like the petals of the lotus, are arranged four island-continents (dvipas), aligned to the four points of the compass: Uttarakuru to the north, Ketumala to the west, Bhadrashva to the east, and Bharata or Jambudvipa to the south. The meeting point of the continents is the Meru mountain, which is the high Himalayan region around Kashmir, Uttarakuru represents Central Asia including Tocharia, Ketumala is Iran and lands beyond, Bhadrashva is China and the Far East. http://www.ece.lsu.edu/kak/wonder.pdf

I hope this issue will be addressed quickly. जूहोमि ०२:०७, ११ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

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