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(hindi : (हेमंत शेष) Celebtated Hindi writer, poet and art critic, working as District Collector and Distt. Magistrate in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. Born: on 28th December 1952 at Jaipur. Education: MA in Sociology from University of Rajasthan.

Writings and Publications:

Poems, criticism, short stories, articles, editorials, Reviews, Comments and columns contributed to periodicals, journals, magazines and newspapers all over the country. Regular publication since 1970. Have Published more than 16 books. Works included in 14 other books. Poetry translated into many Indian and foreign Languages. Has received many awards and honors, organized seven One-man-shows. Member and office-bearer of many international and national philanthropic cultural & literary bodies. Has also done direction of a few documentary films and script writing for TV, Radio and cultural centres. Has participated in and organized many national level seminars and artists-camps / writers’ workshops.

Books Published:

1. Jaari Itihaas Ke Viruddha, 1974 ( A Long-Poem) 2. Beswaad Hawayen ,1981 (Poet’s own Monograph) 3. Kripal Singh Shekhawat,1981 ( An artist’s monograph) 4. Ghar-Baahar, 1982 (Poetry-Collection) 5. Neend men Mohenjodaro,1988 (Poetry-collection) 6. Vrikshon Ke Swapna,1988 (Poetry Collection) 7. Ashuddha Saarang,1991 (Short Poems) 8. Kasht Ke Liye Kshamaa, 1995 (Poetry-Collection) 9. Kripayaa anyathaa Na Len, 1999 (A Long Poem) 10. Aap Ko yah Jaan Kar Prasanntaa Hogi, 2001(Poetry-Collection) 11. Jagah Jaasee Jagah, 2006 ( Poetry Collection) 12. Bahut Kuchh Jaisaa Kuchh Naheen ( Poetry Collection) 13. Prapanch Saar Subodhnee ( Poetry Collection)

Edited Books Published: (January 2001-2008)

14. Saundarya Shastra Ke prashna (on Aesthetics) 15. Kalaa-Vimarsh ( Discourses on arts and literature) 16. Bhaartiytaa Kee Dhaarnaa ( On concept of Indian ness) 17. Bhaartiya Kalaa-Roop ( On Indian Art-forms) 18. Bhaartiya Rangmanch (On Indian Theatre) 19. Kalaon Kee Moolya-Drishti ( On values of Art) 20. Jaltee Huii Nadi (Poetry Collection of School Teachers)

Books in Press:

21. Rajasthan Mein Aadhunik Kala (Art Criticism) 22. Khed-Yog-Pradeep( Poetry Collection)

Honorary Editor: “Kala-prayojana” quarterly multi Arts and literary magazine for the west Zone Cultural Centre, Udaipur, established by the Ministry of Culture, Deptt.of Human Resource Development, Government of India, since 1995.

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