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This is a template used to generate external links to AllRovi (formerly Allmovie). This template should be used exclusively for films and television series; to link to a person (actor, director, etc.) use {{AllRovi person}} instead.

Usageसंपादित करें

{{AllMovie|356351|Quantum of Solace}}

Instructionsसंपादित करें

  1. Search AllMovie for the film title you want, and click on the correct link to go to that film's page.
  2. The page URL should look like this:

    where "######" indicates a number. (If it doesn't, there should be a message under the film's title which says "wrong Result? more matches HERE"; click on this link and reselect the desired film from the list.)
  3. Copy ONLY that number. Add the following text to the External links section:



    ###### is the number you've copied, and
    Title is the title of the film (default is the article's name.)

  4. Optional: add tab parameter to show different pages in a film's entry. Choices are: overview, cast_crew, review, awards, releases. Leaving the parameter empty will display the overview.

Exampleसंपादित करें

  1. For Quantum of Solace, the AllRovi page URL is:
  2. Copy "356351" and add it to this template, i.e.:
    • {{AllMovie|356351|Quantum of Solace}}
  3. This will display as:
  4. Enter tab=review to display the AllRovi review

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