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Usage संपादित करें

Usual syntax संपादित करें

{{Category see also|List of one or more category names}}

Parameters संपादित करें

  • Most are pipe character-separated category page names; up to 40 pages can be included.
  • LABEL=Some other phrase... → replaces the default message prefix: "साँचा:Italics correction".
    The phrase is normally italicized. When defining LABEL any wikimarkup or HTML text will be accepted. The template will add a colon at the end of the phrase.
  • |project=: Any valid interwiki or interproject prefix from de:, fr:, es: access to other language Wikipedias to cross-sister wikis using sister projects abbreviations such as B:, Q:, S:, V: etc. Where applicable, both interlingual and cross-project links can be rendered as follows:
    • |project=es for linking categories on es.wikipedia.org, the Spanish-language Wikipedia, or
    • |project=de:V for linking categories on de.wikiversity.org, the German-language Wikiversity, or
    • |project=fr:B for linking categories on fr.wikibooks.org, the French-language Wikibooks.
  • The template creates a block-level element in the HTML, effectively forming its own paragraph; it may not be used inline in text.

Simple examples संपादित करें

  1. {{Category see also|A}}
  2. {{Category see also|A|B}}
  3. {{Category see also|A|B|C}}

Example with default message संपादित करें

{{Category see also|aaa|bbb|ccc|ddd|eee}}

Example with LABEL parameter option संपादित करें

{{Category see also|LABEL=See this list to evaluate whether one of them would be a better choice|aaa|bbb|ccc|ddd|eee}}

Practical example संपादित करें

Bobsledding and luge are Olympic sports properly subcategorized under "sledding", so should not appear (strictly speaking categorically) as sub-categories of "winter sports". However, a lay reader using categories might expect to find them there. So to show their presence and guide proper selections for editors choosing categories, one can include the sub-sub-categories as a see also annotation on the Category:Winter sports page.

{{Category see also|Luge|Bobsleigh}}

TemplateData संपादित करें

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