मुक्त निर्देशिका परियोजना पर Dmoz

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Link to Open Directory Project categories and profiles.

{{Dmoz|Path/To/Category|Category's name}}

For example:

{{dmoz|Games/Video_Games/Shooter/Massive_Multiplayer_Online/PlanetSide/|PlanetSide}} results in:

मुक्त निर्देशिका परियोजना पर PlanetSide

The second attribute, "Category Name", is optional. If omitted it will use the name of the Wiki article page.


Include the trailing slash on the category name. Most browsers will still function if the / is excluded, but a nonstandard URL will result.

Although the second attribute is optional, it may be desired when the DMoz category has two or more words. The dmoz template defaults to using Wiki capitalization defaults (only the first word is capitalized), whereas at DMoz, multi-word category names follow more traditional capitalization rules (all words capitalized except connectives). So if "Workers' Compensation" is the text you want users to see, include it as the second attribute. Otherwise, at the Workers' compensation article:


results in

मुक्त निर्देशिका परियोजना पर Workers' compensation

For a template to link to your personal editor profile (for your userpage), see Template:Dmoz user.