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This template, {{no talkback}}, is used to invisibly mark the user talk pages of users who do not wish to receive {{talkback}} messages. When tools such as Twinkle detect this template on a user talk page, they present a notice prior to posting a talkback message to that user.

Usageसंपादित करें

For usersसंपादित करें

To opt out of talkbacks from user scripts such as Twinkle, place

{{no talkback}}

on your user talk page (not your user page). You can optionally add a plain text message (no wikitext formatting, please):

{{no talkback|Don't darken my doorstep again}}

Since this template is invisible, it will not be of any use to users who leave a talkback by editing manually. It is recommended to accompany the use of this template with an editnotice, in order to inform manually-editing users that you don't want talkback messages.

This template only signifies your desire to opt out of the {{talkback}} template. It does not exclude you from other templated messages, such as speedy deletion notices or general warning templates.

This template will place your user talk page in Category:Users who do not wish to receive talkbacks.

For developersसंपादित करें

{{no talkback}} adds an invisible external link to the page, of the form http://userjs.invalid/noTalkback (or http://userjs.invalid/noTalkback?reason=XYZ when a custom reason is given).

While this template was developed for Twinkle, other user scripts are welcome to use it. However, if you wish to add an opt-out from some other functionality (e.g. opt-out of AFD notices), it would be better to create another template for each opt-out, in order to provide maximum flexibility for users wishing to opt out.

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