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Location संपादित करें

This template should be used for important comments about an article that cannot be shown using a more specific template. Unimportant comments should use the usual, non-templated method.

Usage संपादित करें

{{Notice|Include text here.}}


{{Notice|small=yes|Include text here.}}

produces a smaller image:

{{Notice|header=Header text|Include text here.}}

produces an additional header:

{{Notice|image=Stop hand nuvola.svg|Include text here.}}

produces a different image:

See also संपादित करें

There are other message templates, which serve similar purposes:

  • {{Ambox}} - Article message boxes of any type. There is comprehensive information in the template documentation about the different options of message template.
  • {{Consensus}} - For topics based around reaching consensus.
  • {{Warning}} - For important warnings.
  • {{Caution}} - For messages indicating serious problems.