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This is the {{str number}} meta-template.

It takes a string as parameter, and returns the number of leading digits. It can count up to 25, and returns 25 if there are more.

Examplesसंपादित करें

If the parameter is empty or undefined, zero is returned:

{{str number}} returns 0
{{str number|}} returns 0
{{str number| }} returns 0

The count is interrupted by anything but the ten digits:

{{str number|abcde}} returns 0
{{str number|123456}} returns 6
{{str number| 123456}} returns 6
{{str number|123 456}} returns 3
{{str number|1234abc}} returns 4
{{str number|1234abc56}} returns 4
{{str number|15<ref>a reference</ref>}} returns 11
{{str number|15(15)}} returns 2

If there are more than 10 leading digits, 11 is returned:

{{str number|1234567890}} returns 10
{{str number|12345678901}} returns 11
{{str number|123456789012}} returns 11
{{str number|1234567890a}} returns 10
{{str number|12345678901a}} returns 11
{{str number|123456789012a}} returns 11

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