The Spaceflight Portal provides a comprehensive overview of Wikipedia resources related to spaceflight, frequently updated "news" sections linking to articles related to current events and easy access to selections of the best Wikipedia articles within the scope of spaceflight-related topics. In addition, portions of the material from the Spaceflight Portal are transcluded onto the more broadly scoped Space Portal.

Overview of resourcesसंपादित करें

The Spaceflight Portal includes several mechanisms that allow readers to get a sense of what Wikipedia offers related to spaceflight.

Current eventsसंपादित करें

The Spaceflight Portal provides frequently updated information about both recent and upcoming current events. A spaceflight news section reports on recent launches and other spaceflight-related occurrences of interest to readers, and a next scheduled launch section provides information about expected future events.

Transclusion onto the Space Portalसंपादित करें

The "next scheduled launch" information is directly transcluded into the "upcoming spaceflight launches" of the Space Portal.

Maintenanceसंपादित करें


WikiProject Spaceflight (See list at right.) helps to maintain the portal but anyone can lend a hand. If you wish to help, please do! You may also want to indicate your activity with a userbox like this one:

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