"दिल आशना है": अवतरणों में अंतर

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'''दिल आशना है''' 1992 में बनी [[हिन्दी भाषा]] की फिल्म है ।
== संक्षेप ==
During the academic year 1973-74, three young women graduate from St. Teresa's Convent, namely Barkha, Rajlaxmi, and Salma. They have a good time with their respective boyfriends, Sunil, Arjun, and Akram. Unfortunately, before they could get married, one of them becomes pregnant. The three decide not to reveal the mother's identity, bring up the child as their own, and the first one to get married gets to look after the child. A baby girl is born and is named Sitara. She is left in the care of Razia, who later takes her to an orphanage run by Shantidevi. Subsequently, Salma gets married to Akram, but does not adopt Sitara. Rajlaxmi also gets married, but again does not adopt Sitara. Barkha's boyfriend leaves her to settle in the U.S.A., and is never heard from again. Three years later when the three friends go to visit Sitara, they are told that she has been abducted. The three return back to their lives, and refuse to speak with each other. 18 years later, Barkha is now the Health and Welfare Minister; Salma is the Principal of St. Teresa's Convent, while Rajlaxmi manages a stud farm. Their lives are turned upside down when a prostitute, Laila, enters their lives, claiming that she is their daughter, and wants to know who her biological mother is. Watch what happens when the three, who haven't spoken to each other for 18 years, must now get together to confront this problem - without causing any adverse publicity, and harm to their respective families.
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