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'''Welcome to the Wikipedia Article Wizard!''' This wizard will help you through the process of submitting a new article to Wikipedia. There are 6 sections to step through, then you'll be taken to the editing page. As each section is completed, the next will become available.
If you have questions at any point, you can get help from other Wikipedians by going to the [[Wikipediaविकिपीडिया:New contributors' help page|New Contributors' Help Page]], or by using the "live chat" links (top right) for live help. (Please be sure to look at the available written guidance before requesting help, as assistance to you will be provided by volunteers.)
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'''Basics of editing'''
[[Fileचित्र:Nuvola apps important.svg|60px|left|link=]]
It's '''highly recommended''' that you try editing a few existing articles before you create [[Wikipediaविकिपीडिया:Your first article|your first article]]. We care deeply that our articles are ''right'', and incorrectly formatted and unreferenced articles are often deleted. Learning a bit of our house style first increases your chances of success.<p>To learn more about the basics of editing, see this [[Wikipediaविकिपीडिया:Tutorial|tutorial]].
=== Are you ready to create an article? ===
{{Article wizard/button2|image size=40px|[[Wikipediaविकिपीडिया:Tutorial|Learn a bit more about editing first]]<br /><small>(recommended if you've not edited before)</small>}}
{{Article wizard/button2|image size=40px|[[Wikipediaविकिपीडिया:Your first article|Learn a bit more about creating articles first]]<br /><small>(recommended if this is your first new article)</small>}}<br />
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